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ASPIRE 10.5Click Image for Larger View

Great on flat or slow moving water, the versatile Aspire combines easy handling and maneuverability with great stability, thanks to its strong chine lines and volume. The drop-down skeg allows the yak to track like a longer boat while having it in the "up" position allows for super maneuveribility. The up-swept bow helps shed water and the molded-in console, with a two-position bottle holder, offers plenty of storage options to keep things within easy reach. The perfect rec and touring crossover, the Aspire series is an excellent choice for novice and intermediate paddlers looking for stability and the opportunity to expand their paddling experience beyond flat water.


Length: 10'6" / 320 cm
Width: 29" / 47 cm
Max Capacity: 400 lbs. / 182 kg
Deck Height: 15.5" / 39 cm
Weight: 48 lbs. / 22 kg
Cockpit Length: 51.5" / 131 cm
Cockpit Width: 23.5" / 60 cm


PUNGO 120Click Image for Larger View

The best-selling Pungo features an impressive balance of manageability, stability, speed, and comfort. Ample storage capacity, yet light enough to handle with ease. 


Width: 29" / 74 cm
Max Capacity: 325 lbs. / 147 kg
Deck Height: 13" / 33 cm
Weight: 49 lbs. / 22 kg
Cockpit Length: 57" / 145 cm
Cockpit Width: 22" / 56 cm


TARPON 100Click Image for Larger View

A smaller and lighter version of the Tarpon 120 but with all the bells and whistles for comfort and efficiency.  The Phase 3 Air-Pro seat system in second to none in terms of adjustability and comfort.  Slide-trac system allows for attachment of accesories and two locking hatches keep your gear dry and stowed comfortably out of the way.  At 10' the Tarpon 100 is uber-manueverable on both lakes or tight streams.  And, at almost $220 cheaper than it's big's lighter on the wallet!

Price:  $739   CALL FOR COLORS  

Length: 10"

Width: 30.5"

Deck Height 15.5"

Weight: 55 lbs

Capacity: 350 lbs. 


TARPON 120Click Image for Larger View

The Tarpon 120 is the most popular of the Tarpon series.  It's accessory options are unlimited and the comfort of the Phase 3 Air-Pro seat-system is unparalleled.  Dual-locking hatches provide out-of-sight storage while the the bungee rigging on the the rear create a giant deck storage space.  At 12' the Tarpon 120 is long enough to track nicely across a small lake to your favorite fishing hole but small enough to maneuver efficiently in small streams and lakes.  

Price: $939.00   CALL FOR COLORS

Length: 12' 3" / 373 cm
Width: 30" / 76 cm
Max Capacity: 350 lbs. / 159 kg
Deck Height: 13.75" / 35 cm
Weight: 63 lbs. / 29 kg
Cockpit Length: 52" / 132 cm
Cockpit Width: 20" / 51 cm