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Oh Keen! The tride & true! Keen has been a solid footwear company for years... and will be for years to come. They have some of the comfiest & supportive shoes and boots on the market. We carry lots of mid and low top options!


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Salomon is a crowd favorite with their rugged outdoorsy style & down right awesome features. Many models come in their iconic "speedlace" system which people love. I mean come on, tying shoes is for the birds. They make mid & low top options, often with a really great contrigrip tread & ortholite footbead- this makes for a comfy/supportive combo for offroad adventures. Many styles come in gortex as well!


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Hoka Hoka Hoka. We can't say enough good things about these dang shoes. They are like putting two clouds on your feet. Truly some of the most comfortable and supportive "running" shoe on the market. I say "running" because you don't have to be a runner to wear a hoka. You can do anything under the sun in these shoes. Run, walk, work your butt off on your feet all day, hike- you name it. Many of our local nurses and community workers that have to be on their feet for long periods of time come to us for this shoe- and they come back for this shoe. They also make hikers that feel just as good as their shoes! Truly an amazing addition to our store & the outdoor industry!


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Brooks Running! We have carried these for years and years and years and the people keep coming back for them! Whether you're the iconic Ghost wearer or like a little more cush & support with the Glycerine or Adrenaline.. chances are you know what Brooks shoe type you are you come back for the updated model every year. This company has the running shoe dialed in... and again.. you don't have to be a "runner" to wear & love this shoe. You can just be a human who loves happy feet :)

On Cloud

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On Cloud is a new & great addition to our fleet! Just as the brand name indicates.. these shoes feel like you're stepping on clouds. They are soft, they are cushy, they are LIGHT. This is a huge crowd favorite for your every day tenni wearer. I mean, they just LOOK cool. They have models that come in a speedlace.. like I said.. tying shoes is for the birds. Join the hype!

Hey Dude

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Heeeeeeeyyyy Dude. Holy moly to people love these things. If you're looking for a comfy, lightweight, slip on shoe to bop around in... here's your guy.. or should I say... here's your DUDE!


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The best outdoor sandal in the game. That's it. You need a pair. Chaco has some of the best support of a sandal we have ever seen. They also have customizable/adjustable straps to fit perfectly to your foot. They are great in and out of water and can even survive hiking! We love Chaco!


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Teva is another great, supportive option for outdoor sandals! Many options have velcro straps which makes them easy to get in and out of and they work great in and out of water or just bopping around town for the day!


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The Blundstone. Blundies. Our heart and soul. I don't think there's an employee here that doesn't own these. They are amazing, supportive, go-with-anything boots! We wear these alllll FallWinterSpring & can't say enough good things about them. Everyone needs a pair. Or 2!


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Sorel has been in the game ever since we all remember... and their boots last that long too! Your grandma probably owned a pair. She probably still does! The same pair from her twenties! Seriously though.. they are everyone's go to winter boot. After you own the winter boot, you get the cute boots for work. Then you get the sneakers. Then you have a shoe rack full of Sorel. But that's okay.. they will last you til you're 80 :)


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If you want to feel like you're walking down the beach in Hawaii.. or aboard a yacht in the sea... just put on a pair of Olukais. They are by far the best flip flops in the game. Boat shoes? Olukai. Every time. Get a pair of these for your summer fun.. you won't be dissappointed.