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Zaveral Paddles

Zaveral PaddlesClick Image for Larger View

We have a large selection of Zaveral Carbon Fiber shafts and blades. "ZAV" paddles are made from top grade carbon fiber, giving you the lightest, strongest paddle available. Whether you are a recreational paddler, or competitive athlete, you'll love the light weight, comfortable feel & performance of these paddles!

Bending Branches Expedition Plus

Bending Branches Expedition PlusClick Image for Larger View

The Bending Branches Expedition Plus wood canoe paddle stands up under the extreme conditions of long wilderness trips and whitewater. Paddlers who require endurance and control will love the T-Grip and Rockgard protection from tip to 6" up the shaft. A fiberglass blade wrap further protects the butternut and basswood blade for maximum durability.

Bending Branches Sunshadow

Bending Branches Sunshadow Click Image for Larger View

Bending Branches’ exotic and eye-catching Sun Shadow ST wood canoe paddle, with a narrow, ovalized, shaft and ergonomically designed grip, fits hands comfortably. The 11 laminate blade features butternut, black willow, cherry, and basswood and delivers smooth power to every stroke.

Bending Branches Viper

Bending Branches ViperClick Image for Larger View

The Bending Branches ergonomic Viper double bend wood canoe paddle takes efficiency and comfort to the next level. Aligning both wrists to reduce fatigue, this paddle is both stunning to look at and to paddle. Fiberglass blade wrap protects the nine laminates of basswood and black willow.

Bending Branches Cruiser Plus

Bending Branches Cruiser PlusClick Image for Larger View

A fiberglass blade wrap protects the nine laminates of basswood, butternut, and red alder in Bending Branches’ Cruiser Plus bent shaft wood canoe paddle. A step up from the BB Special in durability and power.


Thule Click Image for Larger View

We carry a large selection of Thule racks and accessories.  We can also order parts if we do not have yours in stock.

FREE installation at time of purchase!