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AuSable River Canoe Marathon

The AuSable River Canoe Marathon, a.k.a. "The Marathon", is a non-stop canoe race that starts at night with a thrilling LeMans-style running-start to the river in Grayling, MI, and ends 120 miles later near the shores of Lake Huron in Oscoda, MI.  Contestants must navigate the narrow, winding upper stretch in total darkness, as well as stump-filled ponds and the blazing July sun in the lower stretch.

For the spectators, the start is action packed as the paddlers carry their canoes to the river and all pile in to the narrow AuSable River.  Each bridge is packed with excited canoe marathon followers that are rowdy . . . and many of these spectators follow throughout the night all the way to Oscoda. 

This race is not a recreational canoe float, but a professional, ultra-competitive race with the very best professional paddlers from around North and Central America.  Contestants must be in peak condition in order to complete the race in the allotted time, and to endure the grueling and strenuous physical and mental strains!

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